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Protective Coating

Concrete, Aluminum/Steel & Commercial Automotive Coating

Central Indiana


Concrete Coating

Our protective polyurethane and polyurea coatings are fantastic for putting the finishing touches on your concrete repairs and with T & M Sprayfoam Insulation LLC we make sure every concrete repair has this. If you’re looking to touch up a concrete wall without replacing the concrete we’ll be more than happy to bring some luster back to your retaining walls, walkways, steps, or otherwise. Call us for an estimate to go over details.

T & M Sprayfoam & Insulation LLC

Aluminum/Steel Coating

T & M Sprayfoam Insulation LLC is fully equipped to bring luster and resilience to your roof. We are able to do roof repairs for residential and commercial jobs and our protective coatings provide additional insurance throughout the year as the weather changes.

T & M Sprayfoam & Insulation LLC

Commercial Automotive Coating

VersaFlex is proud to offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle — an Industrial Grade, 100% Pure Polyurea Protective Coating: RoughGuard™.

VersaFlex brings 20+ years of experience creating industrial grade 100% pure polyurea protective coatings that simply must perform above and beyond expectations to the vehicle protection market, offering the highest quality available today.

Our Protective coatings are great for sealing truck beds and Semi trailers as well.

T & M Sprayfoam & Insulation LLC
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